ACC498 MODULE 3 MKT QUIZ 2017 (Score 100%)

QuestionQuestion 1Taking advantage of the trend in multi-generational housing, Madison Builders is aggressively marketing its “home within a home” concept, which features a grandparents’ mini-home incorporated into a large single-family house. Which environmental force is Madison Builders counting on for its future home sales?Question 1 options:SocialCompetitionEconomicPoliticalTechnologicalQuestion 2Reindeer Games, a new Christmas-themed video, pizza, and ice cream restaurant targeting families with young children, is located in an area that is also home to Chucky Cheese and a bounce activity center. As both of the latter are well established, the owner of Reindeer Games decided to launch her business with pricing on games and pizza parties about 20% lower than her competitors. What pricing strategy is Reindeer Games using for their launch?Question 2 options:Value-addedPenetrationSkimmingCost-plusEveryday low pricesQuestion 3____________ refers to socially and environmentally responsible marketing that meets the needs of consumers and businesses while also preserving or enhancing the ability of future generations to meet their needs.Question 3 options:Evangelism marketingAffinity marketingSustainable marketingDatabase marketingAmbush marketingQuestion 4Dan has been directed to study the actors close to a company that affect its ability to serve its customers such as the company, suppliers, marketing intermediaries, customer markets, competitors, and publics. In this instance, Dan has been directed to study the ____________ of the company.Question 4 options:political environmentdemographic environmentmicroenvironmentmacroenvironmenttechnological environmentQuestion 5FlashFlix, a streaming movie service, created a blog to help parents on budget plan “movie at home” parties for their kids and their friends, offering prizes to the best blog story about how the family was coping with a tight budget. To which environmental force is FlashFlix reacting?Question 5 options:SocialPoliticalTechnologicalEconomicCompetitionQuestion 6Eric Brown is a human resource manager in a company selling and manufacturing personal computers. Who among the following is Eric most likely to hire as a salesperson if his objective is to minimize training costs post recruitment?Question 6 options:Nancy, an experienced engineer with no prior experience in personal sellingMelissa, a proven salesperson from a competing firmHenry, a young salesperson with a few months’ experience in a large MNCSamantha, a fresh college graduateRichard, a product developer from a competing firmQuestion 7The set of marketing tools a firm uses to implement its marketing strategy is called the ____________.Question 7 options:product mixmarket offeringpromotion mixmarketing mixmarketing effortQuestion 8The societal marketing concept seeks to establish a balance between ____________.Question 8 options:customer-driven marketing and customer-driving marketingmarketing mixes and market offeringscustomer lifetime value and customer equityan inside-out perspective and an outside-in perspectiveconsumer short-run wants and consumer long-run welfareQuestion 9____________ refers to a business buying situation in which the buyer purchases a product or service for the first time.Question 9 options:Reverse auctionModified rebuyNew taskDerived demandStraight rebuyQuestion 10In ____________ research, the objective is to gather preliminary information that will help define the problem and suggest hypotheses.Question 10 options:causalstatisticaldescriptiveanalyticexploratoryQuestion 11An appeal that attempts to stir up either negative or positive sentiments that can motivate purchase is called a(n. __________ appeal.Question 11 options:emotionalrationalstandardstructuralmoralQuestion 12Which of the following is the objective of causal research?Question 12 options:To gather preliminary information that will help suggest hypothesesTo assign a cause to a seemingly random eventTo predict the effect of a random event on unrelated entitiesTo test hypotheses about cause-and-effect relationshipsTo describe things, such as the market potential for a productQuestion 13A marketer wanting to determine business buyer behavior is most likely to ask which of the following questions?Question 13 options:What are the major influences on buyers?Are buyers sensitive toward price changes in consumer markets?How do interpersonal factors affect organizational performance?Are niche markets more profitable than mass markets?Is the role of gatekeepers relevant in the international business environment?Question 14Sam was visiting her grandparents during Spring Break and was appalled when they insisted on going to dinner at 5:30 to get the Early Bird Specials. What type of pricing strategy is making Sam insane?Question 14 options:Everyday low pricesSegmentedCost-plusValue-addedSkimmingQuestion 15All of the following are forms of direct marketing except __________.Question 15 options:kiosk marketingpoint-of-purchase promotionpersonal sellingdirect-mail marketingtelemarketingQuestion 16___________ segmentation refers to dividing the market into segments according to occasions when buyers get the idea to buy, actually make their purchase, or use the purchased item.Question 16 options:PsychographicIncomeGenderGeographicOccasionQuestion 17Kathy Champe, a public relations specialist for a regional chain of pharmacies, regularly contacts members of the local and state-wide media with information about community events and charity fundraisers sponsored by her company. This is an example of the __________ function of public relations.Question 17 options:developmentpress relationslobbyinginvestor relationsproduct publicityQuestion 18Which of the following appeals is based on the idea that consumers often feel before they think?Question 18 options:Standardized appealStructural appealEmotional appealIntegrated appealRational appealQuestion 19A shoe manufacturing company uses ads featuring the members of a country music band with the hope that the band’s fans will see them wearing the company’s shoes and hence purchase the same brand of shoes. The shoe company believes that the band portrays the image of a __________ to the band’s fans.Question 19 options:reference groupsubculturemembership grouplifestylestatus symbolQuestion 20The primary key to delivering customer satisfaction is to match product performance with ____________.Question 20 options:aggressive advertisingcustomer expectationscompetitive priceslimited customer servicesthe competitor products’ performance

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